A Proven Method with a Track Record for More Than 40 Years in Japan

The Joto-Vent System is a method for crawl space ventilation that is modeled after Japan’s traditional construction method. Japan is haunted by many earthquakes, and has a climate that is hot and humid in summer and cold in winter. Therefore, houses are designed with a focus on good ventilation and comfort in summer. Before modern times, most houses were light wooden constructed buildings built in the post and beam method, and which are highly earthquake-resistant. This building method along with good ventilation throughout the house the crawl spaces under the floor and in the attic contributes to the houses being highly durable by keeping the wooden frame dry and preventing their deterioration. Also, it increases the houses earthquake resistance by protecting the wooden frame against insects and rot.
The Joto-Vent System revives a traditional construction method involving the insertion of members called “neko” (made of oak or other kinds of wood) between the sill plate and the foundation to ensure good ventilation. Our updated system employs a composite material, instead of traditionally used wood, to improve durability, clarify construction rules and simplify construction. The Joto Vent separates the concrete foundation from wooden sill plate to prevent moisture in the concrete from permeating the wood, ventilates the crawl space to facilitate the drying of the wood and soil without cutting any openings in the concrete foundation or the rim joist framework. Therefore, our system also has an advantage by preventing the weakening of the original structural strength of the concrete foundation and the rim joist framework.
In the 40 years since the material development and the introduction of the system in 1974, it has been used on more than 4 million buildings in Japan. Currently, the system represents the standard crawl space ventilation for wooden houses in the country.

Enables Complete Ventilation over the Entire crawl space Circumference.
The Joto-Vent System is a crawl space ventilation system utilizing natural air flows, around the entire foundation circumference providing the opening for the ventilation. Unlike the traditional spot ventilation method, it allows the entire foundation circumference to be ventilated. Therefore, with constant air flow moist air does not stay in the crawl space corners, keeping the crawl space in a dry condition.
No Need to cut Holes in the Structural Framework!
The Joto-Vent System enables under-floor crawl space ventilation by inserting the Joto-Vent between the concrete foundation and the sill plate. So there is no need to cut holes in the concrete foundation, the rim joist or other parts of the structural framework, the performance and strength of the framework can be fully utilized.
A neat look of the outer wall bottom!
Using the Ventilation Flashing, the Joto-Vent System prevents the contact of rainwater drops rebounded from the ground with the siding end. Also, it can be used as outer wall seat, to provide a neat look with a flawless line.
Accreditations:IAPMO-UER and BUILT GREENTM
The Joto-Vent System is the first crawl space ventilation method developed in Japan which was accredited by the IAPMO-UES. In the past 40 years, our system has been used on over 4 million buildings in Japan. UES accreditation is proof of the system’s solid performance, as well as its durability accumulated over many years of use in Japan. And Joto Vent System is a BUILT GREENTM vendor for moisture control and air flow efficiency. Which, when used in conjunction with other environmental and healthy house building practices assures the builder of BUILT GREENTM points on every project.
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