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message from the president

Building homes that last a lifetime is our mission.

Since our establishment in 1960, our employees have been united in their efforts carrying forward the motto “manufacturing products to satisfy our customers with our unique technology.”

We aim to manufacture “unique products characteristic of Joto” incorporating our spirit of flexible thinking and approach to the unconventional, developing housing components and construction methods based on the opinions of our customers and construction sites while also aiming to build “durable homes.”

On the other hand, if you turn your attention to the circumstances surrounding society, it cannot be said that a bright future is promised for the construction industry. However, we are determined to proactively cultivate new markets and create demand, never forgetting that pioneer spirit at the time of our establishment.

We will step up our efforts to develop products of high functionality and high added value, and promote community-based and proposal-based sales activities to accommodate requests from our customers and construction sites.

Your continued support and partnership would be greatly appreciated.

Chairman and representative director Hiromi Nishi
President and representative director Yasuaki Suehisa

corporate profile

Company name JOTO TECHNO CO., LTD.
Headquarters 3-14-1 Shodaitajika, Hirakata City, Osaka Prefecture 573-1132 Japan
Phone +81-72-868-6611 (Main)
Fax +81-72-868-6687
Date of establishment October 21, 1961
Capital ¥310.1 million
Board members Representative director & President Yasuaki Suehisa
Director Koichi Kanazawa
Director Masahiko Terao
Director Satoshi Ijiri
Director & Honorary Chairman Shiro Suehisa
Director & Corporate Adviser Hiromi Nishi
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Yoshimasa Okuda
Number of employees 339 (as of March 31, 2015)
Annual business 16.500 ¥16.50 billion (as of March 20, 2015 )

company history

October 1960 Shiro Suehisa establishes a private company “Joto Kasei Kogyosho” in Joto-Ku, Osaka City, manufacturing and selling plastic products starting mainly with extrusion molding.
October 1961 “Joto Kagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd.” established. Shiro Suehisa appointed as representative director.
February 1968 Company sets up in Hirakata City Small and Medium Enterprise Industrial Park.
October 1970 Company moves its headquarters to its current location.
December 1971 Company launches basic research into composite materials.
May 1973 A research grant on important technology by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry approved for “composite material manufacturing equipment.”
April 1974 Composite material manufacturing equipment “Joto Process” completed.
1976 “Joto-Vent System” established.
February 1985 Chiba factory established.
September 1988 A joint venture “Jiacheng Industrial Corporation” established in Taiwan.
February 1993 Use of “Quake-proof ceiling hangers (T-03)” approved by the Housing Loan Corporation.
March 1994

Online-networking based on data communication started.

November 1994 Housing adopting the “Joto-Vent System” becomes first housing approved by the Housing Loan Corporation.
December 1996 Company website set up.
August 1999 Company obtains ISO 9001 certification.
March 2000 Tokyo Sales Office upgraded to Tokyo Branch.
October 2001 Capital increased to ¥282 million.
November 2001 Company name changed to “Joto Techno Co., Ltd.”
April 2002 Guarantee system against termites started.
October 2003 Chiba factory relocated to Ibaraki and Ibaraki factory starts operations.
March 2004 Cumulative number of homes built using the “Joto-Vent System” reaches one million.
March 2006 New head factory starts operations.
June 2008 Capital increased to ¥310.1 million.
February 2010 JEcobo put on the market.
January 2011 Cumulative number of homes built using the “Joto-Vent System” reaches 2.5 million.
February 2011 Ibaraki Second factory starts operations.
July 2011 Akita factory starts operations.
October 2011 50th anniversary of establishment.
March 2013 Research and development building newly constructed adjacent to head factory.
April 2013 Extended guarantee system against termites started.
July 2016 Cumulative number of homes built using the "Joto-Vent System" reaches 4 million.
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